Shaped nonwoven filters in special tubular shapes, with different diameters, designed to be “fitted” on drainage pipes in order to prevent that grain, sand or other materials could obstruct their holes, thus limiting the water passage.


Short fiber, designed to reinforce mortar and concrete to prevent the formation of cracks and crevices.


Nonwoven products for construction industry and civil engineering applications, produced in different versions featured by specific chemical compositions (Polyester and Polypropylene), weights and mechanical features to be suitable for the following applications:

Sports Field
Soil Stabilization and Reinforcement
Protection of Waterproofing Sheaths
Roadway, Railway and Air Transport Infrastructure Stabilization
Marine Structures and Riverbank Protection
Preventing Root Systems or Acting as a Root Barrier
Separating Layer for Self-Locking Blocks for Outdoors, Road and Airport Flooring
Hanging Gardens and Floriculture
Pools and Ponds


Items with warp and weft structure produced using high tenacity black polypropylene. Tensile strength and puncture resistance make them suitable for civil engineering applications and construction industry. In the product range there is a version specifically designed to comply with the requirements for the production of FIGC certified sport fields.


Multilayer mats designed to protect and preserve the surfaces they are in contact with, designed in different versions suitable for construction industries (flooring, wall tiles) or for packaging/handling operations.